Monthly Word: June 2016

I will probably sound like a broken record at the beginning of every month, but I say it because it’s true – we’ve hit June! Already!? The month of WORK and PLAY has come to an end, and I’ll share May’s inspiration photos in a few days time.

June’s Month of Nibbles:

The days are getting longer and we’ve been busy with all things van conversion, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to eat!

When the weather warms up, what do your eating habits look like? Do you snack on all the great fruit and vegetables popping into the markets? Does the BBQ get fired up every night of the week, or do you still keep the oven chugging away? Are weekends a time to focus on making something great in the kitchen, or do you prefer to chill on the sofa with an assortment of finger food? I’d say we have a healthy dose of all of the above (aside from the BBQ, because we don’t have one…).

So June is going to be all about the food – nibbles, grazing, picnics, dinner parties – anything goes!

If you love to eat, we’d love to see your photos! I get inspired by what other people are cooking and nibbling on, so if you’d like to join in, feel free – the more the merrier! I’ll be posting on various social media places – Instagram, Google+, Facebook and Twitter,  and will tag #PictaMonth and #MyMonthOfJune and #MyMonthOfNibbles | June nibbles

Here’s to a month of NIBBLES photos!