Monthly Word: December 2016

Woah, we’ve officially entered the last month of 2016. Time, you are a quick one!

My month of GEOMETRY has come to and end, and we’re onto something new. The other day, I was thinking about my monthly word series, and how it always takes me a week or so to get into the groove of a new month. For the first few days, my eyes are still looking for the previous month’s prompt, and it’s not until the third week I feel like I’m finding my groove. A friend of ours told me she was loving my Geometry pictures – I have to agree, I’ve loved that prompt, too! I’ll share the full November photo round-up in a few days time.

December Month of MERRY

It’s December, and for many of us, that means a month of parties and celebrations and lights and food and family. What better way to celebrate, than to capture all things MERRY!

Our calendar is filling up already. We’ll be hunting for the best Christmas lights in the city, and enjoying gatherings with friends and family. We’ve got trips planned out of the city and out of the province. We’ve got our eye on good food and drink, and we’re looking forward to it all!

Thus, I’m dedicating December to my month of MERRY, and I would love to see how you’ll be enjoying the season, as well. If you’d like to join in, please do – the more the merrier! (see what I did there?)! I’ll post my findings on various social media places – Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter,  tagging #MyMonthOfMerry and #MyMonthOfDecember | December 2016 Photo Challenge - Merry

Here’s to a month of MERRY!