Moby, the Sprinter Van

Just over three weeks ago, the newest member of our family finally drove into our lives! Just over 9 month after we ordered our Sprinter Van, it actually / finally / officially arrived! We’ve mentioned the van a few times here, but I thought it was time we formally introduced Moby, the Sprinter Van, to the world 🙂 | Sprinter-van upfitting

I was on Facebook earlier in the week, and it offered me a “memory to share”, from one year ago. We were in Leavenworth and I remember that moment so clearly! We drove from our overnight camping spot to head closer to town. There was a quiet parking lot attached to the local Arts Club venue, we would hang out in to get a decent internet signal. We could open the door of our van, overlook the forest and winding river, while listening to the local radio station and enjoying our morning cup of coffee with breakfast. The words I wrote about that picture still hold true today! | Sprinter-van upfitting

It was in that parking lot, that we named our yet un-ordered vehicle. I can’t remember how our naming decision meandered around, but somehow we ended up with Moby, the Sprinter Van, and it stuck!

So, here we are – one year later, with one empty shell, just waiting for one kick-ass van conversion to be completed 🙂 | Sprinter-van upfitting

And as you might imagine, we’re pretty darned excited to start building our Home Away From Home! | Sprinter-van upfitting



  1. I’ve seen it parked down the street and wondered if that was yours! It is all so exciting!! Looks wonderful (and very classy)

    1. Yup, at times, it’s definitely hard to miss! And you know us – classy is our middle name 😉 Haha!

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