May Photo Challenge

It’s great when the lines between WORK and PLAY get muddled. Early morning work shifts for me, mean more time for play at the end of the day! Late-night CNC sessions at Maker Labs for Jonty, still feels more like play than work, especially when you’re building something you love!  The in-between moments were filled with lots of cycling, climbing, building and cooking.

So what did my May month of WORK and PLAY look like?

The May Photo Challenge took me…

… from cycling to climbing to training to projecting…

… from working on Moby to working at Maker Labs…

… from playing on the TRX to playing around on the rings…

… from installing a van awning to staining a van floor…

… from early morning coffee to relaxing weekend sips.




And just like that, we’re into June!

I shared my new monthly word(s) already, so you can expect my social media feeds to be filled lots of Nibbles. If you’d like to join in the food fun this month, that would be awesome! If not, just looking at pretty pictures works too 😉

I’ll be tagging them all with:




Happy picture-taking 🙂