July 2017 Monthly Word: URBAN ART

Happy July (a few days early)! I think summer has finally arrived in Vancouver, and we’re absolutely loving the sunshine. June was filled with evenly split with work-work, van-work and climbing-work. The weather was better than most June-uaries, so we made the most of getting out and about. And with that, My Month of Explore has come to and end. I’ll share the full photo round-up in a few days time.

July Month of URBAN ART

Last year, Vancouver hosted a Mural Festival. Numerous buildings around town were covered in large-scale art. We thought it was a fantastic way to showcase local talent and add a bunch of colour to our city. This year, the festival is returning, with another group of buildings getting covered. When I start to actually look at the city, there is so much urban art and culture around, whether it’s a painting or a sculpture or someone’s freedom to express themselves.

I expect there will be quite a few building murals in my month, but I’m going to be on the look-out for all the urban art that catches my eye.

So, I’m dedicating July to my month of URBAN ART, and I would absolutely love to see the artistic gems in your city, too! If you’d like to join in, please do (as many or as little photos as you’d like). I’ll post my findings on various social media places – Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter,  tagging #MyMonthOfUrbanArt and #MyMonthOfJuly.

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Here’s to a month of URBAN ART!