Bouldering Extras From Joshua Tree

We spent all of our time in Joshua Tree bouldering; as mentioned earlier, we decided not to do much trad or sport climbing so as to retain as much strength as possible while on a long trip. The weather was starting to get quite warm by the time we left the park in mid-March, but conditions were still good; not too hot, a slight breeze most days. We spent our time at three different areas: The Outback, Planet X and Cap Rock, there was so much more to explore!

The problem we enjoyed the most in our short stay was All Washed Up at Cap Rock (for those who are interested, this is a JTree classic V6; the first ascent was by John Bachar.): | Moira bouldering V6 Joshua Tree CA

Moira working out some moves on All Washed Up, V6. It’s steeper than it looks!

On this problem, I continually tried a move that (seemingly!) should have worked but didn’t. Switching around a foot placement was all I needed to do, and suddenly the same boulder problem became easy! Try, try, and try again…

And here’s a very long reach, for a suitably named problem Lunge For It, also at Cap Rock in the same area:

We spent a few days at The Outback. Here’s Moira on a nice V4, Little Chucky:

Some of the rock formations looked like they had really neat boulder problems, but when we got up close we found that the rock wasn’t stellar (crumbling beneath our fingertips!). But We did enjoy the sunshine and the view 🙂

Unfortunately, Moira stressed her wrist near the end of our time at JTree, so missed out on finishing a couple of problems she wanted to do; they’ll be there for next time though 🙂 | Joshua Tree National Park sign


  1. Really enjoyed the videos. Maddoc wants Uncle Jonty and Auntie Moira to watch him “rock climb” on his play structure. He thinks that you’ll be proud of what he can do!!

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