Get Moving: January

Last fall, we started using the Endomondo app on our phones to track our cycling / walking / climbing mileage. At the end of every month, you get a summary of your activities. It’s definitely motivating to see how much you moved during the month! It’s not exact, by any means, as you have to physically start the app before you begin your activity. For strength-based activities, the app tells you the number of calories you’ve burned based on the duration of your activity. For climbing, we sort of fudge the times, as climbing an easy 5.9 for 10 minutes does not tax the body in the same way as projecting a 5.12c for 10 minutes. So we take some of these numbers with a grain of salt. BUT, for distances covered, I think it’s pretty good!

I thought it would be neat to track this info over the year, and see if our patterns change while we’re travelling. I think the numbers should increase, as we won’t be spending 8 hours sitting at a desk!

For January 2015:

Moira: Moved for 45 hr, Covered 270 km, Burned 15,419 calories
Jonty:  Moved for 42 hr, Covered 352 km, Burned 20,774 calories

Since October, here are the distances we clocked while walking or cycling.

And here’s a quick visual of how long we spent doing various activities in a month.