Fitting It All In!

We’ve been traveling for almost a month and we’ve had a few questions about where all our gear goes and how we fit it into the van. Rather than try and explain in words, here’s a video giving a run down of the configuration at the moment:

What we’ve found so far:

  • Placement of the bouldering pads is best described as “non-standard” (the curious can study the floorplan and the video to understand this…)
  • There is a lot of space above the cab area for stashing books, cycling gear etc
  • We have a 12V USB adapter that runs to a Samsung dock, great for charging our phones (especially since we’re only hooking up every couple of weeks at this point), and for holding a phone for GPS navigation (better than the built-in GPS)
  • The dinette table is a nice size but is awkward to navigate when getting seated (we have a better design for a future setup…)
  • The fridge is a good size, and the combined freezer is a nice addition
  • The 2-burner stove meets our needs (maybe an induction hob would be better?); however, we really miss an oven (need to make parfaits… a small one would be a nice addition even at the expense of storage space!)
  • JP would like a double sink, but then he is chief wash-up after all 🙂
  • Bathroom also houses our recycling tub, which is a little cumbersome (recycling stations are not common, can you believe thems ‘merican’s don’t really recycle a whole lot?)
  • Tons of storage in the bedroom area, as long as you don’t bring along 50 pairs of shoes, say 🙂

We decided that we didn’t want the bikes on the back of the van (we have a bike rack but didn’t bring it along), primarily due to concerns around safety, theft and keeping them clean. Instead we opted to put them into the compartment at the back of the van; however, getting them in there turned out to be a bit of a puzzle requiring trial and error and a touch of patience; here’s a slide-show of how we do it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Taking the bikes out of the van and attaching the saddles and wheels takes around 10 minutes, doing the reverse to get everything back in takes about the same amount of time with some practice (the first time took around 45 minutes to pack it all in!). Conveniently, getting the bikes out and ready takes the same amount of time as it takes Moira to make us a cup of coffee!

For yoga and stretching, we extend the awning out to provide a bit of shade when it’s hot. A nice feature of the van is the ability to switch on the outside speakers, so we can listen to podcasts or music at the same time.

Are we happy with the setup? It works… perhaps it’s best described as wearing a T-shirt that doesn’t quite fit, it pulls at the sides and feels a touch uncomfortable in certain situations – the RV is not for a lack of room, rather the floorplan is one-size-fits-all (a design sold by Winnebago to appeal to as many consumers as possible), and with some customizations it would be more than adequate for our needs.

Overall, we’re very happy campers and this size of RV would be great for a semi-permanent lifestyle! 🙂