February Photo Challenge

A month ago, I talked about finding another photography project to keep me interested. I have done a photo-a-day challenge for the past few years, but I found myself losing interest towards the end of last year. So, in an effort to find a new photography challenge for myself (one that required commitment but had flexibility, as well), I decided to come up with one word a month to focus on.

February was the month of COLOUR. So what did the month look like?

The February photo challenge took me…

… from blue skies to rainy skies…

… from the colour of budding flowers to the colour of graffiti’d walls…

… from drinks to food…

… from gym-filled mornings to climbing-filled evenings.

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | February colour

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | February colour

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | February colour

And, just like that, we’re into March!

I’ve got a new word for March, which I’ll share tomorrow.

For all my photo challenges, you can follow along on our Instagram and Google+ accounts.

Happy picture-taking 🙂

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