Eddie’s Admirers

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | Sprinter RV in the sunset, Bishop CA

We’ve been on the road one week (hard to believe!) During the past seven days, Eddie (the RV) has been the recipient of more than his fair share of admirers (mainly men, aged 30 – 75). We’ve been keeping track of the daily admirers, and started writing down some of the better “cat calls”. During the next three months, I’m sure we’ll be adding to this list 🙂

16 February 2015
The spot: Chevron gas station, Reno, Nevada
The admirers: Three hippies, aged approximately 38 – 65
The call: “That’s one bad-ass van!!”
The response: “Yup… It is :)”
The banter: A few minutes of pleasantries (“Where you from in Canada”, “Oh, Vancouver, great!”, …chitter chatter… “I’ve been to Canada – great place!…”
The send-off: Jonty gets a handshake from the grubbiest hand I’ve ever seen, and as the dude heads into the gas station, he sends Moira the peace-sign and a “tip of the hat”.

16 February 2015
The spot: Nevada / California border
The admirers: Two agricultural inspectors, aged approximately 45
The call: “That’s a reeeal nice van! (giving Eddie the once-over”.
The response: “Thanks!”
The banter: “Have any firewood in there?” “Nope.” “Well, (with a van like that) I won’t bother asking about any fruit you might have.” Thanks!!”

Total Eddie Count = 8