Christmas Stay-cation: Hipsters sign

Christmas Stay-Cation

Is it too late to talk about “What I did on my Christmas Vacation”? If so, just pretend I didn’t get the memo ๐Ÿ™‚

We took vacation between Christmas and New Year’s, and had one of Jonty’s brothers come to visit. The week went by far too quickly (as it usually does), and the weather ended up being quite good for all but one day (where it rained non-stop, and we deemed it a good day to see a movie).

As always, we ate good food, drank good beer and wine, and tried to work off as many of the calories as possible by walking / climbing / sightseeing! | Sea-to-Sky Highway drive, BC

We drove up to Squamish to hike up around Murrin Park. It was the first time we have been up there since Jonty’s knee bailed on him (BTW – how quickly has 4 months gone by!?)

We were a bit unprepared for the amount of snow! I guess the large amount of precipitation the day before helped…

FYI: It’s still waaaay easier to walk up and down a snow-covered mountain, than it is to do so with a broken knee-cap and torn patellar tendon!

The views from the top of Murrin, looking down Howe Sound are just as beautiful in the winter! | Murrin Park in the snow, Squamish BC | Murrin Park in the snow, Squamish BC | Murrin Park in the snow, Squamish BC

… Now make sure your glove is covering one-half of every picture… ๐Ÿ™‚

… And no drive into an empty parking lot full of snow would be complete without two brothers egging each other on to do donuts in the Subaru. | Murrin Park in the snow, Squamish BC

As for the food…

There was Beef Wellington and honey-roasted veggies and Yorkshire Puddings (no Christmas dinner with two lads from Yorkshire would be complete without them, and for the family members, Tom won the Yorkshires Bake-Off for the second time in a row, by what Jonty says is a much smaller margin this time)…

… lots of cheese (this one baked was fantastic!) and sausage… | Vacherin Mont D'or cheese and crackers | Vacherin Mont D'or cheese and crackers

… and homemade crackers (recipe coming!) and roasted beet dip… | Vacherin Mont D'or cheese and crackers

… and there was a meal out at L’Abattoir. It was fantastic, and highly recommend a visit! | L'Abattoir, Vancouver BC

… with lots of lights…. | Science World at night, Vancouver BC | BC Place at night, Vancouver BC

We capped off our Christmas Stay-cation with a visit to Earnest Ice Cream. Double-scoop waffle-cones, all around, please!

All in all, it was a relaxing week off ๐Ÿ™‚ We hope yours was, too!