April Photo Challenge

Wow, April seemed to have shot by much quicker than I expected it to! The month took us through two sport-climbing competitions, bringing home a very new and very empty Sprinter Van, and a lot of spring cleaning! In between all this, I was on the look-out for all the interesting and neat WALLS and DOORS around town.

So what did my April month of WALLS and DOORS look like?

The April Photo Challenge took me…

… from Vancouver to Squamish to Abbotsford…

… from red doors to red buildings…

… from urban graffiti to urban murals…

… from concrete buildings to living walls…

… from reclaimed wood to mortar and bricks.

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | April walls and doorsClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | April walls and doorsClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | April walls and doors

And just like that, we’re into May!

I shared my new monthly word(s) already, so you can expect my social media feeds to be filled Work and Play. I loved seeing the great walls and doors some of you shared last month (from all corners of the world!). If you’d like to join in the fun this month, that would be awesome! If not, just looking at pretty pictures works too 😉

I’ll be tagging them all with:




Happy picture-taking 🙂