An Extended Sprinter for Canada Day, Eh

Happy Canada Day, all our fellow Canucks! We’ll be doing a bit of light climbing (surprise?), perhaps indulging in a sweet or malty treat, and perhaps taking in a few of the Canada Day festivities.

But the more exciting news? We’ve put in the order for our Sprinter Van!! We spent a lot of time on our 3-month trip talking about traveling more often, possibly full-time, which turned into even longer discussions about what our van (which we had already named!) would look like and how we would design it to fit our needs better. | Sprinter van order

So, one week before my sabbatical comes to an end and I head back to work full-time, we decided to go ahead with our van-dreams and placed an order for “Moby”. He needs to be built in Germany and shipped over here, so should be making his way to Vancouver late November / early December.

After many hours of researching, googling, emailing different outfitters, googling some more, looking at cost factors, googling some more… we have decided to convert the van into an RV ourselves. To call this a huge undertaking will still underestimate the amount of work, but we are very excited about turning this shell into our perfect RV! We’re already planning here, and here, and here, and here! 🙂 Luckily, the Sprinter is the de-facto choice of van for those that can, and there are great online resources, articles and books on how to proceed.

Here’s to Canada, and looking forward to the second half of 2015 and 2016!