A Race to the Top!

We arrived in Joshua Tree, California late Tuesday night (March 3rd). The following day was a rest day from climbing, so we spent our time figuring out our new surroundings. The big items, as always, include (in no particular order):

  1. Where to stay
  2. Where to get fresh water and empty our “yucky” tanks
  3. Where to get a shower
  4. Where to get a good cup of coffee!
  5. Where to find a good micro-brew pub – bonus points for this 🙂

We figured out all but the last of these pretty quickly, removing any potentially-stressful situations. So far, we’ve been staying in (you guessed it!) the Walmart parking lot. For dumping, the Black Rock Canyon Campground is one of the two campgrounds within Joshua Tree National Park to offer this service along with fresh water for only $5.00; definitely a better price than in Bishop! There is a store just outside the park entrance that has shower facilities, $4.00 for a 7.5 minute shower. After paying for two showers on the first day, we quickly realized that it is a generous 7.5 minutes, and the bathrooms are HUGE, so we can both get showered at the same time with no shortage of shower-time. So, $2.00/shower – bonus! Finally, the Good Coffee award goes to Joshua Tree Coffee Company. Fantastic brew! Any recommendations on where to find a good brew pub (JT Saloon doesn’t quite cut it)?

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | Jonty among the boulders, Joshua Tree CA

Moira taking a picture of Jonty taking a picture.

Now, onto the fun stuff! We went into the park on Wednesday to figure out where we wanted to climb on Thursday. We decided we were going to try out some of the boulder problems in The Outback, which is just outside the Hidden Valley Campground.

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | Jonty among the boulders, Joshua Tree CA

Jonty couldn’t help himself. Who needs climbing shoes or chalk!??

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | Jonty among the boulders, Joshua Tree CA

Now, just to get down…!

We also got out the bikes and did a quick 24km cycle around the area.

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | Countryside, Joshua Tree CA

Enjoying a cycle through the Joshua Trees in the desert sunshine.

Yesterday, we ended up spending a gorgeously-warm day on just two boulders. It was a great first-day introduction to Joshua Tree rock. We mastered the “Yabo start” and a few heel hooks to send a nice little V4. It was a race to the top – who’s quicker? Hubby or Wifey?!? 🙂

On the way back to the car, we were immediately surrounded by “Eddie Admirers”. The way these 50-year-0ld men were swooning, we were made to feel like rock stars! (Get it?! “Rock” stars??!)

Speaking of Eddie, we should have a video post up over the weekend, showing how we have the bikes and pads and climbing gear packed in. Stay tuned!


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