31 Facts, Figures, Follies and Feats of RV Living

As a round-up post of our adventure, here are some of the most fun / interesting / random / useful / useless pieces of information we could think of!


  1. Total trip length: 87 days
  2. Total distance traveled: 11,398 km
  3. Average mileage: 11.75 L/100km
  4. How much stuff did we bring: 352.8 lbs
  5. How many nights did we pay for camping: 9
  6. Best thing about Eddie: The ability to finish climbing and get food / shower / respite from the elements within 10 minutes of leaving the crag… priceless! Also, Eddie was a chick / dude magnet. We loved the attention he got 🙂
  7. Most annoying thing about Eddie: The table. Getting into / out of the chairs to eat was a pain, especially for Jonty, who could never sit square to the table because of the box holding the crash pads (i.e. where the love seat should have been). The other annoying thing was the rocking of the van whenever you’d hit the slightest bump on an angle. Like, turning into a parking lot over a 2-inch curb would send Eddie rocking. We got better with navigating over the bumps, but it was still annoying.
  8. Easiest place to boondock in an RV: Bishop, CA or Leavenworth, WA
  9. Trickiest place to boondock in an RV: Las Vegas, NV


  1. Total distance cycled: 630 km each (total 1260 km)
  2. Number of days spent climbing: 45 days (just over 50% of our time away!)
  3. Number of boulder problems completed: 367 (combined)
  4. Favourite bouldering place: Bishop, CA (followed by Leavenworth, WA).
  5. Favourite non-bouldering place: Portland, Fresno, Sacramento, Albuquerque are all places we would like to spend more time in, instead of just passing through.
  6. Favourite cycling place: Portland, Bend, Albuquerque, Las Vegas
  7. Biggest disappointment: Hueco Tanks. We were both really excited for this place, but obviously did not do our research before we got there, hence were unprepared for the amount of planning (and reservation-making!) it would take, just to get into the park. We will go back again to finish up some unfinished problems, but we’ll just be better prepared 🙂


  1. Post-climbing RV food: Fried egg sandwich with melty cheese and spicy salami
  2. Meal we cooked in the RV: Treacle SpongeDruid ReubenSliders… oh man, too many!
  3. Snack while watching Justified and Homeland: Popcorn and peanut M&Ms
  4. Gastropub: The Salted Pig (Riverside, CA), Deschutes Brewery & Public House (Bend, OR)
  5. Tasting House: Mother Road Brewing Company (Flagstaff, AZ)
  6. Bakery: Bouchon Bakery, The Gingerbread Factory, Pink Box Doughnuts
  7. Coffee Shop: Joshua Tree Coffee Company (Joshua Tree, CA) and Black Sheep Coffee Roasters (Bishop, CA)


  1. Total GB of data used: ~60 GB (we milked the Unlimited Data plan for all it was worth!!)
  2. Best view: Red Rocks Canyon, NV or Leavenworth, WA. Pictures just don’t do either justice.
  3. Best sunset: Red Rocks Canyon, NV
  4. Best scenery: Joshua Tree, Red Rocks, the Druid Stones (Bishop)
  5. Biggest surprise: How good mustard and sauerkraut are on a pizza!
  6. The only kitchen item we brought along but never used: The colander
  7. Windiest night: Las Vegas, NV (55 km/hr, gusting up to 81 km/hr)
  8. Quietest night: Mountain Home Road, Leavenworth (the sound of silence was deafening)

Now just because this trip has finished, doesn’t mean our blogging days are over! We’ve got some pretty tasty goodies coming for you next week!

Happy Long Weekend, Canada! 🙂


  1. Can’t believe I haven’t read this one yet, so glad I read through your Saturday Snippet and clicked this. This trip looks like so much fun. How’d you shower in an RV? Did it come with one? (I’ve never been in one, so I don’t really even know what the interior’s like haha).

    Your climbs look intense but so much fun. Very inspiring and making me want to try some outdoor bouldering.

    Also, I plan to hopefully hit up Joshua Tree in February and I think that the Joshua Tree Coffee Co is just what Mark (no relation to the guy who commented on this post before) and I’d love to check out.

    I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that I read this post because now I’m dying for a road trip haha.

    1. At some point, we’ll try to get our blog organized, to make some of this easier to find! So I’m glad you found out about this via Saturday Snippets!

      Yup, the RV had a bathroom with a shower in it. We didn’t start off using it that much, just because we wanted to conserve water. So wherever we could use public showers (campgrounds, community centres, swimming pools), we did that. Our sprinter will also have a shower in it (super fancy)! Also, we’re getting “old” and like our creature comforts 😉

      Joshua Tree is a great place to visit, if nothing else, than for the fantastic scenery! You might want to consider getting a National Parks Pass, especially if you think you might travel to more than a few parks during a one-year period. I think it’s something like $80, but you can get free access into any National Park. A total money-saver!

      Oh, and a few posts that you might find interesting / useful / helpful?





      1. Thanks! I’m looking through those links right now. You guys are so badass bouldering up those rocks. I have a national park pass, but it expires in April, so it looks like I’ll be needing to head down there soon 🙂

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