Saturday Snippets: 24.June.2017

Gosh, the last weekend of June! How did this month go by so quickly? Here’s a few things that caught our eye online in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Saturday Snippets for 24.June.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

I was on vacation this past week, and we really seemed to cram in a lot of work!

Kitchen Galley:

  • We filled all the holes and grooves with West System 105 epoxy (+ 205 Hardener) and covered any areas we thought would be affected by the under-mounted sink. I’ve never worked with epoxy before, so started on the underside of the counter, where I could make mistakes, knowing they would never be seen 🙂
  • When you see the big blobs of amber-coloured epoxy all over the wood, I must admit, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Would that amber colour remain? Would you see remnants of the epoxy on the wood? But it turns out the epoxy sands smooth very easily, so we ended up without any overspill on the filling. | Sprinter van conversion - epoxy on butcherblock counter | Sprinter van conversion - epoxy on butcherblock counter

More CNC-ing:

  • We’ve CNC’d, stained and installed the back and sides of the kitchen counter. Do you like our ventilation holes?! | Sprinter van conversion - galley design


  • We wanted to make use of the 8020 grooves to hang curtains. We bought a strip of nylon glider, which fits into the grooves and cut some into small pieces, then screwed in a small hook into the centre. These act as runners along the length of the 8020!
  • I had a bit of fabric lying around the house, so sewed up a version of what we thought we might want, just to see if the runners would work. They totally do! So now the “real” curtains can be made, once I figure out a colour scheme. | Sprinter van conversion - hanging curtains

Pictures from the week of 24.June.2017:

The Dragonboat Festival is on this weekend. Last weekend we had a rest-day (from climbing) and meandered down along the waterfront. We saw a few of the boats getting last-minute practice in. It was a beautiful afternoon to sit and watch the world go by. | Vancouver BC - Olympic Village | Vancouver BC - Olympic Village

Happy Weekend!

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